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East Africa

The Power of Partnering

The eastern region of Africa is emerging as a global supplier of agricultural goods and services. In June of 2020 Segar AI formed a farmers cooperative with two local women owned farmers. Eva Avocado, Inc. and Avocado Village, Inc will lead the charge in managing our regional farms coop.  We also plan to  build out our patented Agricultural Production Hubs (APHs).

The Segar AI business approach is based on an adaptive methodology to build a cohesive agricultural programs that provide economic stability and  creates a common dialog to unify the region: 

  • Agriculture Farm Management Systems (AFMS)
  • Develop international trade agreements with global suppliers.
  • Develop tools & techniques to create standard AG growth and harvest best  practices.

Segar AI is also a leading developer of AG Internet of Things (IOTs).  We plan to provide the Kenya based farmers drone spraying, advanced weather forecasting sensors, e-commerce web-based services, remote communications  for distance learning and other business acumen best-practices. Our mission is the live wage for socioeconomic disadvantaged groups.