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Call To Action

Advocating On Behalf of Disadvantage Populations

When it comes to food and water, there is no monetary value, without it, we will perish, “It is essential to life itself”. The compelling questions is as the worlds population increases, can we keep pace with agricultural growth, harvest quotas and production yields?       

If you’re concerned about current economic growth models, our scientific community has substantiated that food product and clean drinking water have reached critical shortage levels. In January of 2020, the world met Covid-19, its devastation is testing the very soul of humanity.                                              So, let’s not waste time so debating if its morally correct to face our fears and consciously make the right decisions to save lives. 

Come join us in our advocacy efforts to educate our communities, promote equitable laws and discuss in open dialogue best-practices in fair and open trade policies. We advocate to inform, collaborate and work with those in need to ensure hat everyone has access to the gifts of live. Food and water were given to all of humanity to manage and protect these resources at all cost.


Why Change

“Today’s capitalistic model is unbalanced in its relationship to all socio-economic groups. It continues to leave a huge economic gap for basic living wage, leaving too many people behind. The gap between the haves and the have-nots is rising, the planet is under severe strain, and trust in institutions continues to remain low.”

Development Method

Sustainable development balances the need for economic growth with environmental protection and social equity. Sustainable development will require a change in corporate socio-ethical mindsets, accountability for actions and a commitment for long-term goals and initiatives.


Segar AI’s sustainable models take in consideration the well-being of all members of society through increase accessibility of life sustaining goods and equity in their distribution without depleting our natural resources or damaging our environment.

Economic/Business Goals

Corporate accountability is a core value for social justice:
• Adopt agricultural regenerative processes
• Create water recycle systems
• Reduce pollution
• Stop depleting natural resources
• Create communal ecosystems

For Social Good

Equal access and distribution of:
• Quality Food
• Clean Water
• Health care
• Education
• Employment

Environmental Concerns

Living within the Earth natural resources limits to ensure we prevent harming the environment:
• Eliminating pollution
• Following the natural resources replenishing cycles
• Stop depleting natural resources [water & land preservation]

Legislative Reform

Create governance, policy and budgets that ensures all its citizens will benefit from:
• Food security
• Water security
• Energy security
• Water & land security
• Business / employment
• Health care
• Education

Consumer Responsibility

Living with Less is More Campaign: Change consumer behavior by not using more than what you need to prevent:
•Food waste
• Water waste
• Energy waste
• Depleting our natural resources

Technology & Innovations

Create technology that does not harm the environment for:
• Energy / Solar
• Food Industry
• Health Industry
• Aid in the creation of sustainable communal ecosystems

Legislative View Points

The Segar AI legislative agenda is a collaborative approach to working with all walks of government and local farm organizations to understand the rules and regulations that oversee the agricultural landscape.  We are currently focusing on the following legislative changes which include: 

The requirement of Electronic Export Information (EEI) filings for shipments between the mainland United States and Puerto Rico perpetuates the mischaracterization of Puerto Rico as a foreign country, imposes an unnecessary burden on interstate commerce, and impedes economic development on the island.