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Forging Resilient Communities

Segar AI Innovation

How can you contribute

One of the rewards of joining Segar AI is the feeling of empowerment to create out-of-the-box solutions to increasing the access to food nutrition, clean water, renewable energy and life sustaining essentials.  Let’s make a difference were is counts to ensure that the next wave of environment disasters are handled decisively and in a manner that is for the greater good of everyone.  We have a call-to-serve for corporations, consultants, volunteers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in all areas of agricultural, sustainable goods and services. Bringing your knowledge, energy, and expertise to the table, so we can serve up a pot of compassion and goodwill towards our fellow man.

Forging resilient communities

Ask An Ag-Expert

The Segar AI Ask An Ag-Expert program is a call to action to attract the worlds most talented Subject Matter Experts (SME's) in the the area of agricultural technologies, science and information systems. Our collaboration platform will be used to assist anyone that needs support with all aspects of farm management, building the business and being connected globally. Come Join Our Team

Contributor to the Narrative

We need your support to grow our programs and services. By donating your time to our mission we can create change one project at a time. We need volunteers in all areas of agricultural. We look forward to hearing you.

We are a nonprofit & nonpartisan organization with a mission to forge resilient communities by improving the production and equitable distribution of life sustaining essentials: agriculture, clean water, and renewable energy.  Our focus is the island of Puerto Rico. A large portion of the island is still in recover mode from Maria, continuous earthquakes, and now covid-19.  The emotional stress is enormous and continues to ravage all socioeconomic levels.

  JOIN US to bring disaster relief to the island of Puerto Rico.

It’s not a mystery why we have global food shortages. Potential root causes are food mismanagement, lack of rural super markets,  waste and greed.  If you factor in current conditions like COVID-19, the collapsing economies and global environmental changes, it’s a matter of time when we have starvation worldwide. 

How are you helping your community? Have you look at your neighbors and identify any family in need?

Without clean drinking water humans can not exist.  Every time we carbonate drinks, we lose pure natural drinking water. Here’s what we can do to increase water security, it starts with you being water conservation minded, broaden our education awareness and clean up our river, streams and communities to reduce further contamination.

Do you agree or disagree that water security is global issue?

Reduced carbon dioxide emissions is both a personal and corporate model being adopted by businesses and governments today.

Are you on board with a carbon free society? 

We currently have an inequitable food system that disproportionally burdens and marginalizes the poor.

Do you agree or disagree that equal access to nutritious and affordable foods are a basic human right?

As our climate continues to show signs of catastrophic change, we need to acknowledge what nature is tell us and take a proactive approach. It’s having a tremendous effect on the worlds population with daily emergency response and increased disaster relief needs.

Do you agree or disagree  that we need to that this seriously and prioritize our emergency preparedness response capabilities.