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Sustainability With Global Reach

The SAI Marketplace is not fully operational yet.  It is under system testing


Welcome to the SAI marketplace we’re we collaborate with mother nature to grow and harvest life sustaining products. Our seed to shelf approach ensures that each item has been sourced and thoroughly researched to meat quality of service and purity.. Our products and services have unique genetic ID markers that provide traceability as a smart commodity that contributes to carbon reduction. A products journey begins in our Agricultural Production Hub (APH’s) which are owned and operated through a cooperative agreement with local farmers, ranchers and the Ag-industry partner Segar AI Farm management system is exclusively designed to be self-sustaining Life-Pods connected to our Smart Commodities Asset Management Platform (ScAMP_2.0). We work with manufactures and retailers around the world not only to source raw materials but build international collaboration for fair and equitable trade regardless of race, creed, gender, or geographical location. Becoming a member not only expands your organizational supply chain availability it connects you to our global response network where we continually monitor critical infrastructure food, energy, water and shelter supplies to meet the demand of those in need. Choose the membership that’s right for you, It’s the first step one in being connected to our global commodities and investment exchange cloud services. Help us bring a measure of approach to stabilizing critical infrastructure resources to include food, energy ,water, building materials, critical business tools and investments that have been right sized with you in mind.


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Join Innovation In Motion

The word innovation as many meanings, creativity, out-of the- box thinking a collaboration with others.  At Segar AI we take innovation to a new height. Its at the core of we how advocate on behalf of humanity in order to resolve issues and take on challenges that are sometimes very complex but never too hard to figure out if you are innovative and how you approach the issue at hand