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Welcome To

Segar Advocacy Institute

Segar is a transitive verb in Spanish that means"to harvest" and/or "to pick crops"

Were an agent of change for the equal distribution of life essentials

Our Vision

Is to transform communities creating sustainable models to improve quality of life.

Our adaptive approach will ensure that we have situational awareness.


Our Core Values

Segar AI’s core values inspire and drive the organization to exceed expectations. How we measure performance is based on the following Key Performance Indicators:

  • Laser focus on program delivery
  • Organizational Transparency
  • Business acumen and integrity
  • Open collaboration and dialog
  • Staff empowerment to lead by example

Our Mission

Our mission is to forge resilient communities by improving the production and equitable distribution of life sustaining essentials: agriculture, clean water and renewable energy. 

Work With Us

Working with Segar AI requires recognizing the need for innovative approaches to developing the next generation of resilient communities through agriculture reform, technology innovation and education, and a well-defined Management Service (MS) user-friendly  platform.  Our Mission and Vision are directly related to creating a sustainability model tailored to all walks of life. Our humanitarian efforts are inclusive but are not limited to increasing agriculture yields, producing purified drinking water and transitioning to renewable energies. We intend to increase resource accountability to be a benchmark for economic stimulation and emergency response.


Segar AI's sustainability mission is our corporate responsibility.


By applying an innovative approach balanced by marketing research and state-of-the-art analytics is a game changer to creating a paradigm shift in a competitive commodities market exchange.


Segar AI's position on advocacy is based on compliance with local, international and maritime laws. Education is also key and is a part of our strategic agenda.


Segar AI's services platform offers business acumen, training and best practice in agricultural tools and techniques.

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